Professional Decorating Services

The more custom furniture projects we offered, the more our customers asked for our help in laying out their rooms to meet their needs and goals. Additionally, we have spent a lot of time helping customer place our home decor items in the perfect spots in their home. So we decided it was time to help our customer with their home decorating goals.

Our decorating projects we are offering at the moment include: 

  • Custom Projects: We offer custom home decorating projects based on our customer’s needs.
  • Christmas Decorations: This year, we are offering holiday decoration services.
  • Front Porch Planning and Decorating: We decorate your front porch.

Our past home decorating projects include: 

  • Bathroom flow/rearrangement
  • Kid’s bedroom layout and decorating

If you are ready to ask more questions, get to know our team, and plan out your project, claim a 15-minute free decor consultation below.