Christmas Decorating Services

One of the most frustrating and stressful parts of the Christmas season is pulling out all of the bins from the attic or garage and decorating the house. We want to step in and help as many busy families as we can in the Triangle this season.

You can hire our team to come into your home, pull out your holiday storage bins, and get your home Christmas-ready! We can do it with your direction or with no direction and we will make the most of your home and what you already have. We make the most stressful part of the holidays so much easier with a few different services:

Full Service

We handle all of the indoor decorations from Christmas tree to stockings to miscellaneous décor. We also handle exterior that does not require a ladder.

Christmas Tree

We can coordinate the delivery and decorating of your Christmas tree.

Assisted Decorating Service

Our assisted service allows our team to come in, and follow your lead and direction in order to help you get decorated for Christmas as fast as possible.

Christmas Décor Ideas and Shopping

If you feel like you have a few bare spots in your home, we can help give ideas to fill it in as well as source the items you need to fill those spaces.

All Christmas services are based on an hourly rate and start as low as $25.

If you have questions and want to get to know us better, claim a free consultation below. If you are ready to schedule your Christmas decorating session, claim a time on our calendar below now.

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